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This organic soap is suitable for Chihuahua, miniature duck, Papillon, and Chiwax with thin and smooth coat, and the amount of fur is moderate.

It helps to keep dog’s fur smooth and shiny, helps to relieve itching from dandruff and eczema, moisturizes skin to reduce dryness, and helps tor reduce infection and inflammation. Lavender Essential oil helps to keep the dog relaxed while Tea Tree essential oil soothes skin and promotes healing.


Also available at :

Little Pet Sking

Inspiration School of Pet 

Fairies Pet House

Pet Soap - Soft and Light Finish

  • Saponified oils(Sunflower oil, Sustainable Palm oil, Palm Kernel oil, Castor oil, Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil), Goats milk, Yogurt, Essential oils (Tea Tree, Lavender)

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