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This organic soap is suitable for Shiba Inu, many Japanese dog breeds, Welsh Corgi Pembroke, and Pomeranian with thick fur. This soap produces light and fine lather that makes the coat stand; spread foam from every corner of the fur to the skin in the back.


Great for dog with thick fur. This soap helps to moisturize skin and promotes healing, restructuring, soothing, and repairing(reduces skin inflammation). It also helps to relieve itchiness and moisturize skin. Peppermint Essential oil helps to soothe, calm irritated skin, gives a refreshing light feel, Sweet Orange essential oil helps repel body odor.


Also available at :

Little Pet Sking

Inspiration School of Pet 

Fairies Pet House

Pet Soap - Refreshing

  • Saponified oils(Rice Bran oil, Sustainable Palm oil, White Sesame oil, Palm Kernel oil, Castor oil, Jojoba oil), Goats milk, Yogurt, Essential oils(Peppermint, Sweet Orange)

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